Ed Schafer: Time For Fighting Sioux Nickname To Go

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Published on June 29, 2011 with 7 Comments

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  1. Mr. Schafer you feel fatigued how would you like to be one of the Sioux supporters!  And the disrespect that has been shown to us is something you’ll never have to feel until you’ve walked a mile in our shoes!

    • i thought the cheyenne indian proverb was “walk a moon in my mocassins”?  you cant even get your own native proverbs right??   your a white guy in grand forks obviously.

  2. How much is this costing the taxpayers in the state of ND? Surely, someone is reporting this stuff.

    • It is extremely difficult to gauge yet exactly, because there are significant costs we will incur no matter which way the name goes. On the one hand are significant legal and transportation costs (remember, Kelley only flies on private planes to Bismarck), but there are also enormous costs in retrofitting Engelstad arena and in removing all Sioux logos from UND, paying to commission and design new logos, tossing out all “old” UND printed materials and printing new ones, and foregone FS logo revenues (the number one seller for college hockey).

      The question was asked at one of the hearings, and UND’s Kelley said he “had no idea” how much it would take to retrofit the university and design and implement a new nickname and logo. They had not even begun to make general estimates.

      Englestad retrofit will cost upwards of $1.1 million, to be born by UND’s taxpayers.I started compiling costs during the legislative hearings and am continuing to try to update them. It will be a long time until the real costs can begin to be calculated, but the figures remain on PlainsDaily’s watchlist.

  3. Yup,  its time for the name to go.  perhaps as a condition to drop the nickname,  Kelly has to resign.  the new nickname should be the “University of North Dakota”  No UND. no other slang will be allowed. Radio and Television should be notified that during the games they announce,  anything other then calling us the University of North Dakota will be considered offensive.  UND could mean the university of Notre Dame.  we find that abusive of the Irish,  and will not be confused with them.
    I say lets open the Pandora’s Box in the PC world. If we play our cards right,  we could own the NCAA if a few years!!!!!!!

  4. who is paying for this BS.  i want a major media outlet in north dakota to find this pricetag.

    I dare every TV station to man up and do this. (not some stupid blog)

  5. Is it time to get rid of supporting the sports entirely for the “universities” and specialize in education?  Leave the sports to the private industry.

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