Koppelman Seriously Considering Entering 2012 US House Race

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Published on July 27, 2011 with 3 Comments

BISMARCK, ND – West Fargo Legislator Kim Koppelman is seriously considering a 2012 run for the US House of Representatives, but told PlainsDaily in a recent interview that he is waiting until sometime this fall to make a decision.

Koppelman is part of a growing list of NDGOP leaders contemplating running for freshman congressman Rick Berg’s seat. Berg is seeking the party’s endorsement to run for Senate, and since PSC Brian Kalk officially switched races to the US House, Berg is perceived by most party faithful to be virtually assured of getting it. Those considering a run include State Treasurer Kelly Schmidt, House Majority Leader Al Carlson, ND Senator Tony Grindberg, and three-time candidate Duane Sand among others.

Koppelman shared that he has been “strongly encouraged” to run by leaders on both state and national levels.

“I’ve always believed that one should run for office to do something, not to be something,” said Koppelman, and right now the direction of the country has him very concerned. “When I look at what is going on in America, it makes me think that unless things change in the very near future, the America that we know is not what our children or grandchildren will know.”

Koppelman has been a state legislator for 17 years and has been very active in national legislative groups as well. In 2008, Koppelman served as the National Chairman for the Council of State Governments, a group bringing together state government officials from all three branches of government.

“I believe so strongly state government; I think that is where the backbone of the government in America lies,” shared Koppelman. “We live with the laws we pass among those we represent, and I think that is what our founders envisioned.”

“If I go to Washington, I would want to go there to work on diminishing Washington’s power, diffusing that power back to the states,” shared Koppelman, a recognized supporter of states’ rights. “The powers of the federal government were originally granted to the government by the states, and I think we need to get more of that back into the people’s hands, where they can exercise more of their own common sense in governing.”

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  1. Fantastic! ¬†We need candidates who will be vocal and ardent state’s rights supporters.

  2. Kim Koppelman would be a fantastic representative for our state.

  3. Elect a Democrat.

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