The Next Little Big Horn: Black Cloud Says NCAA’s Actions Discriminatory Against Spirit Lake Sioux

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Published on August 16, 2011 with 19 Comments

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  1. I have to say I am extremely happy to hear that the Spirit Lake Nation plan to do something big to help keep the Fighting Sioux nickname and logo. I have 2 grand-daughters that are more then half native american and they are very proud of who they are, and wear all the UND sports clothing with very much pride. As i have said in the past, who does the NCAA think they are trying to change the UND name when the Spirit lake Nation wants to keep it. Black Cloud I”m looking forward to you peeling of your gloves and giving the NCAA  a good fight. I also agree that the NCAA are discriminating against Native Americans and should be suied. 

    •  I hate UND. I’m a Gopher fan. I hate UND more than WI. And on this story: awesome. Good for them.

      • Seeing as how you are a gopher i’m not surprised at your stupidity, sports is a game to see who is the better team, not a fight, ( oh I hate the UND ) very childess if you ask me. Kinda funny I really didnt think gophers could type, learn something new every day.  GO FIGHTING SIOUX

        • Gwen, you obviously missed the point of what The Rube said. He basically said even though he is not a UND fan he supports this article. He’s on your side. Relax.

          • I’m sorry but I honestly believe I understand exactly what he means, read it over, if i’m wrong I am sorry but it just sounds to me like he is saying good for the NCAA

  2. give it up, black cloud is getting some good $$ from und alums.  every native american outside this traitor is against it

    • You don’t know what your talking about, if you had any Idea how many people, (Native American  and white) that have put their heart and soul into fighting to keep a tradition that has been going on for years you would keep your mouth shut. Lame thats a good name for you. FIGHTING SIOUX FOREVER

    • So far your the only one on this page, except for the gopher

    • Lame, your name fits you perfectly. You are LAME. You have no idea who I am or what I’m about. If you think I’m a sellout then perhaps your own personal character is built that way. Those of us with real character and pride don’t sell out. We do what is right and what our ancestors have wished. Never forget that the name was given to UND over 80 years ago but elders of both tribes. Those elders are no longer here to fight for the gift. I AM!

  3. GO SIOUX!!

  4. I happen to have met with Frank, and can tell you no one is “paying” him!  He is a strong & very independent person, and on the Fighting Sioux Name/Logo, needs nothing other than the right thing to be done: leave the name alone!!!  Thanks Frank for telling it like it was and is today!!!

    • Thank you Don. So many people always chase the idea that ther is a financial reason for us to do what we do. They have no idea what real character is. They honestly don’t know what it means to stand up for the actions of ones elders and to defend the gift that was given decades ago. They are lost souls, that when the day comes and they meet these elders on the other side, they will be shamed. When we win this fight, all of the actions that the NCAA has perpetrated against Spirit Lake and the Sioux people will be exposed.

  5. I think the Spirit :ale Sioux Nation should sue the NCAA over this decision.  I’m sure many UND Sioux fans would support such a suit.

  6. This is a perfect example of “Politcal Correctness” run amuck! The NCAA  should not have any input or concern about the name of a school. It is not their repsonsibility, nor should they make threats to any school about its name. I think North Dakota should just ignore the NCAA. IT appears that the NCAA is putting pressure on the board to get what they want. The board shouled ignore them!

  7. Maybe the NCAA should spend more time dealing with the Miami. Ohio St., and USC violations than sticking there arrogant noses into a name and logo issue, 

  8. Black Cloud, I am on your side.

    But I should share some things about myself to let you know why I am for you. I am a white man who grew up on a small farm near Devils Lake in the 50′s and early 60′s. I moved to Grand Fork in 1964 and that is when I watched my first Sioux Hockey game. I was sold immediately and have been a fierce fan ever since. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I have been pure in the area of descrimination against the Native American. But, I have NEVER viewed the Fighting Sioux name and logo as descriminatory toward the Native Amercan. And I do not now descriminate.

    Over the years, I have read history and actually worked as a consulting engineer for three Native American Tribes in Minnesota. And I have watched VERY CLOSELY over the last 4 or 5 years as this fight over the name logo has been fought. At first it was because of my pride as a white man and North Dakotan that I believed the name should remain. But as I watched and observed, I came to realize that this is about the two Sioux Nations in North Dakota and not about North Dakota and certaining not the NCAA. And when the nations became involved, I was somewhat surprised but very thankful. Because in the end it is about what the Sioux Tribes want, not what the white man, the State of North Dakota, or the NCAA, I want that matters.

    Based on my reading, dealings with Native Americans, and observations (my opinions) these are the characteristics I believe the Sioux Tribes to have; 1. Integrity, 2. Honor, 3. A desire for the truth, 4. Pride in their heritage, and 5. fierceness among many other others. These attributes are what give the Name and Logo greatness. I understand now why the Standing Rock Tribe refused to act on this issue. It is because they delt with it in 1971 in a Sacred Ceremony. The promise was made forever and there was no need to revist the issue.

    In conclusion, if the NCAA would take time to study your culture, this issue would be a no brainer. I believe the NCAA got what they asked for. I beleive there is descrimation indeed on this issue, but by the NCAA against the Sioux Nations and not by the peopel in North Dakota, UND, or anyone else.

    Fight well Black Cloud, FIGHT WELL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dan Viau

  9. I have allways said I’m not a Sioux indian and therfore it wouldn’t be fair for me to throw in an unbiased opinion. I have A LOT of respect for Black Cloud for sticking up for his side of the story-Thank You Black Cloud-Mergs

  10. Black Cloud, research UND history. The manner in which the name was “given” to UND is so Earl Strinden like.  No honor there. Just another ploy for the “Good ol’ Boys” to fool you and laugh at you for being so gullible. In reality, you are nothing but their token injun! One day in the future, you will lie to your grandchildren and tell them you were for a name change, because it will be told as an heroic stories for those who fought for equal rights and respect for all tribal people.  I will not stand for my ancestors, who fought and died in battle for their freedom and right to live as human beings, to be remembered as UND’s Mascot.  Obviously, through you actions, you couldn’t care less and you are blinded to the need to be liked by the “other” race. Next you’ll be saying that “you look white” so you never had to deal with racism regarding the UND Athletic Name and Logo. As a Tribal Member I am so disapointed and embarrassed that you claim to be a human being. 

  11. Right on Alva!  So sick of hearing these so-called Natives saying they are trying to save the nickname when in reality they are merely puppets for the whites like Strinden and the REA management.
    Read the survey, black cloud and face the FACTS that the majority of North Dakotans, including Sioux are against the nickname.
    Move on and fight for something that will really help the Sioux people, because they have major issues, teen suicide, alcohol and drug abuse, heck they can’t even provide heat, water and electricity to some of them.  Is the nickname more important that all that?

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