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  • gulleson

    Polling Shows Republican Candidates Beating Democrat Pam Gulleson

    BISMARCK, ND – According to new polling commissioned by, Public Service Commissioner Kevin Cramer leads a pack of Republican House candidates in a potential match up with Democrat Pam Gulleson. Gulleson is the only Democrat with an official House campaign while Republicans have three official candidates. The poll, taken between November 7th and November […]

  • Dalrymple Flood

    Governor Jack Dalrymple To Announce 2012 Intentions Next Week

    BISMARCK, ND – Governor Jack Dalrymple will announce his intentions for the 2012 election cycle next week according to a press release sent out by the communications director for the Friends of Jack Dalrymple. The full press release, indicating announcements in Fargo, Grand Forks, Bismarck and Minot, can be found below. Dalrymple took over as […]

  • Kalk USMC

    Kalk Raises Over $40,000 In 3rd Quarter

    BISMARCK, ND – Republican Public Service Commissioner Brian Kalk has raised $64,631.47 for his House campaign so far in the 2012 cycle, with $40,011.37 coming in the 3rd quarter according to reports filed with the FEC. All of Kalk’s contributions in the 3rd quarter came from individual contributors, and he also transferred $17,490.90 from his […]

  • 430rickberg

    Rick Berg Finishes 3rd Quarter With $1.01 Million Raised, Sand Finishes With Just Over $243,000

    FARGO, ND – Republican Rep. Rick Berg, who is running for North Dakota’s open Senate Seat in 2012, finished the third quarter with over $1.01 million raised so far in the cycle according to reports filed with the FEC. In the third quarter specifically Berg raised $658,238 with almost 78% of those contributions coming from […]

  • tax-bill3

    Supporters Say Property Tax Measure Needed To Diversify States Economy

    BISMARCK, ND – An initiated measure to abolish property taxes that will be on the June ballot in 2012 is drawing opposition from an unlikely source. The North Dakota Chamber of Commerce says that while they are for lower taxes, abolishing the property tax would have too many unintended consequences. “The property tax thing is […]

  • 00a miller

    Redistricting Victim Considering US House Run

    PARK RIVER, ND – A state legislator who would lose his district in a plan sent to an upcoming special session is considering a run for the US House. Senator Joe Miller told Plains Daily previously that he’d be seeking to stay in the state legislature, but now Miller is considering a run for the […]

  • Hoeven

    Hoeven Collects Over $30,000 In Contributions For Last Quarter

    WASHINGTON, DC – According to filings with the FEC, Senator John Hoeven’s campaign is still raking in substantial contributions even though he’s not up for re-election until 2016. In the third quarter Hoeven collected $30,054.28 including $6,980 from individuals. Among itemized contributions over $250 there were just 5 individuals, two of them from North Dakota. […]

  • goettle

    Goettle “Seriously Considering” Jumping Into US House Race

    BISMARCK, ND – Shane Goettle, North Dakota State Director for Senator John Hoeven, confirmed today that he is in fact giving serious consideration to entering the growing field of candidates seeking to the NDGOP’s endorsement for the 2012 US House race. Goettle said he will make a final decision on whether or not to run […]

  • w4wheidiHeitkamp

    ND Tea Party Caucus Member: Democrats Are Playing The “Gender Card”

    FARGO, ND – Appearing on the Scott Hennen Show today Janne Myrdal – a state director for Concerned Women for America and a founding member of the North Dakota Tea Party Caucus – said that she felt Democrats are playing the “gender card” in advance of the 2012 elections. “The Democrats are playing a little […]

  • cfong

    Fong Says He’s “Still Thinking” About US House Race

    BISMARCK, ND – North Dakota Tax Commissioner Cory Fong has made headlines in North Dakota calling for sales tax reform legislation that would have all online retailers selling to citizens of the state collecting the sales tax, but he’s not ready yet to make headlines by announcing a candidacy for the House. Fong, a Republican, […]