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  • Hoeven

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    ND Congressional Delegation Join Forces to Oppose EPA on Haze Plan

    BISMARCK, ND – All three of North Dakota’s representatives to Washington DC joined their voices to a long list of public servants, energy industry officials and scientists – including Governor Dalrymple, Attorney General Stenehjem, and Public Service Commissioner Cramer – opposing the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to override significant parts of the state’s regulatory plans […]

  • Dollar_Puzzle

    FEMA Funds Caught in Budgetary Cross-fire

    WASHINGTON, DC – $6.9 billion in disaster relief funding passed last week in the US Senate as a stand alone, unfunded bill faces an uncertain future this week in the House. Congressman Berg (R-ND) will need to decide whether or not to follow the votes of his North Dakota colleagues in the Senate and push […]

  • Conrad

    Conrad Visits Site of Federally Funded, $6.6 Million New Clinic in Fargo

    FARGO, ND – Senator Kent visited the Fargo Family HealthCare Center (FHC) today to check construction progress being made on a new FHC clinic, funded by a $6.6 million federal stimulus grant. The new clinic is scheduled to open next September and will enable consolidating operations at one location instead of three. Currently the FHC […]

  • spending cuts

    Hoeven, Conrad Join Bi-Partisan Senate Call For $4 Trillion In Cuts

    WASHINGTON, DC – Both Sen. John Hoeven (R-ND) and Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) have signed onto a bipartisan group of 37 senators who are publicly urging the 12 members on Congress’ “Super Committee” (the Joint Special Committee) to make at least $4 trillion in budget cuts this fall, $2.5 trillion over the $1.5 trillion mandated […]

  • obama speech

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    ND’s Congressional Delegates React to Obama’s Job Speech

    WASHINGTON, DC – “The President set the right tone in his address to Congress and the nation. He laid out an ambitious plan to boost job growth and jumpstart the economy by extending tax cuts for working families and investing in education and programs to rebuild our nation’s infrastructure,” stated Senator Kent Conrad in a […]

  • CAI

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    David Walker: Washington is Full of Laggards, Not Leaders

    BISMARCK, ND – “So what’s the problem [with our national fiscal plan]? Washington is full of laggards, not leaders,” asserted David Walker, former US Comptroller General from 1998 to 2008. Walker appeared in both Bismarck and Fargo yesterday at the invitation of Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) to discuss the “Need for a Responsible, National Fiscal […]

  • Conrad

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    Senator Conrad Definitely Not Running Again in 2012

    BISMARCK, ND – Despite a concerted effort by North Dakota Democrat leader and former state senator Tracy Potter, Senator Kent Conrad reiterated again today that he is not interested in pursuing another term as a US Senator. “One reason I said that I wouldn’t run again was to devote my energy and attention to trying […]

  • Dollar_Puzzle

    Berg, Hoeven Considering Boehner’s Plan; Conrad Signs Democratic Caucus Letter Against It

    WASHINGTON, DC – North Dakota’s Congressman Rick Berg said today that he continues to support the cut, cap and balance plan which he co-sponsored, and he will be reviewing both Boehner’s and Reid’s plans in closer detail today. “We need a plan that makes significant spending cuts and reforms and works to balance the budget,” […]

  • Conrad

    Emineth Warns NDGOP: Don’t Count Conrad Out Yet

    BISMARCK, ND – Apart from the Berg and Hoeven campaigns, the ND GOP field remains wide open for potential candidates, and former NDGOP state chairman Gary Emineth is cautioning Republicans that the lack of solid fundraising campaigns right now in the NDGOP candidate fields may encourage more Democrats to enter the race. Although PSC Brian […]

  • Rick_Berg

    Berg Calls Senate Democrats’ Budget Plans “Punt, Pass and Kick”

    WASHINGTON, DC – “It is very frustrating out here. In North Dakota things are very honest, open, and everyone understands it,” said Congressman Rick Berg. “But out here it is really just spread the rhetoric and point the finger at someone else, rather than really diving into the problem and finding solutions.” Asked what he […]